How to set up Shadowsocks for Firefox on mac

Step 1. Make sure ShadowsocksX is configured correctly on Mac

  • 1: if ShadowsocksX is not put under /Applications folder, please move it into that folder.  Show Me
  • 2: if you are using ShadowsocksX downloaded from apple store, not from our website, make sure Socks Proxy is configured correctly. Skip this step if you are using Non-App-Store version.  Show Me
  • 3: make sure ShadowsocksX is turned on.
  • 4: make sure appropriate mode is chosen.

Step 2. Open Firefox Settings

  • open Firefox app, choose menu Firefox->Preferences->Network Proxy->Settings. Show Me
  • choose Manual proxy configuration.
  • choose SOCKS v5.
  • fill in the form: SOCKS Host:, Port: 10808 Note: this port should be the same as app socks5 port, if you change it, you should change the value here too
  • choose "Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5".
  • click OK to save.